The Wheel – Written by Kate Feld

They waited in the queue at lunchtime, smiling all over their faces.

“Oh God, I can’t believe we’re actually going to do this,” Paul said.

It was Anne’s idea. When the wheel arrived in Piccadilly Gardens, it struck her as the ideal place. Right in front of their office, in plain sight of the co-workers who had somehow failed to notice the two of them falling in love that spring. Quickly, spectacularly, right in front of everyone.

But they were both good people; neither had the stomach for an affair. An outrageous flirt Paul was, but steady. A family man. She wouldn’t love him if he wasn’t. And she lived with Simon, who she also loved. Next week Paul’s department was moving to the Quays office. A kiss was their parting gift.

A kiss is a light thing, they were thinking. It can be slipped into a pocket and carried…

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